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2016-January-29 17:21
The Nordic Collection

96 two-stroke 1963 - brownish beige

2015-December-20 15:52
The Nordic Collection

99 L 2-door - 1974 - solar red

2015-December-20 12:22
Nordland Scale 43

Quantum V - 1965 - red

2015-December-04 23:33
Atlas Saab Museum Collection

Six more new models coming in 2016 !

2015-December-03 17:13
Atlas Saab Museum Collection

Updated all 29 different models!
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9-3 - 1999 Saloon

9-3 - 1999 Saloon +

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9-3 - 1999 Saloon Bild 0
ManufacturerDe Koning, Chris
Number of Productionnone
Year of Production?
Colournatural wood


Chris de Koning "Konia" from Rosmalen is a Dutch woodcarver and artist. He has made three different kinds of Saab and Volvo models: Wonderful 1:20 cars finished from one piece of wood with rolling plastic wheels (Stahlberg), only on special order. In larger units he built 1:43 tin-models, full-cast or half-relief on wooden plate. In the same size, but using resin instead of tin, he has made a few Saab models in a very limited run.


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