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2018-March-22 14:46
Neo 1:43

Saab 95 GL V4 1978 - brown

2018-March-09 22:15
Norev 1:43

Saab 900 Turbo 3-door 1991 grey metallic

2018-March-09 22:13
BoS Models 1:18

Saab 99 2-door 1969 cream

2018-March-08 22:59
Atlas Ambulance Collection 1:4

9-5 Aero Kombi 2002 "Akutbil"
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99 Turbo - 1978 3-door

99 Turbo - 1978 3-door +

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99 Turbo - 1978 3-door Bild 0 99 Turbo - 1978 3-door Bild 2 99 Turbo - 1978 3-door Bild 4
ManufacturerMatchbox - Powertrack
CountryHong Kong
Number of ProductionPT-116
Year of Production1979 - 1982
Colourdark green; light green-met; dark red;


Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953 and is now owned by “Mattel, Inc.” The brand was so named as the original die-cast Matchbox toys were sold in boxes similar in style and size to those in which matches were sold. Subsequently the brand would encompass a broad range of toys including larger scale die-cast models and various non die-cast lines such as plastic model kits and action figures. During the 1980s, Matchbox started to switch to the more conventional plastic and cardboard "blister packs" that were used by other die cast toy brands such as “Hot Wheels”. The box style packaging was re-introduced for the collectors' market in recent years, particularly with the release of the "35th Anniversary of Superfast" series in 2004.


In the late 1970’s, Matchbox also produced slot cars called Powertrack (UK) or Speedtrack (USA) or Turbo Rennen (D), which featured working headlights. The 99 Turbo is one of the rarer ones, which was available in four different versions.


V1 – 1979 Powertrack PT-116:
dark green -- ‘3’ and ‘SAAB turbo’ -- blue+red arrows decals on bonnet and doors -- 6-Volt -- no magnet
V2 – 1980 Powertrack PT-116:
light green metallic -- ‘3’ and ‘SAAB turbo’ -- blue+red arrows decals on bonnet and doors -- 6-Volt -- no magnet
V3 – 1982 Powertrack Plus PT-139:
dark red -- ‘138’ and ‘SAAB turbo’ -- black+blue+white stripes -- 12-Volt -- with magnet
V4 – 198? Positraction 16-36-01:
red -- ‘8’ on doors and roof ‘SAAB turbo’ on roof -- white arrow on bonnet and white hatch/rear-end -- 6-Volt -- no magnet


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